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Consulting is the profession of a consultant, or a person who, having ascertained qualification in a specific field, advises and assists its client in the performance of care, acts, practices or projects providing or implementing information, advice and solutions through its know-how and their problem solving skills.

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The Training concept has multiple meanings and is used in different disciplines.

It is the set of educational activities which are aimed at preparing a person to perform an activity, a profession, or more simply to live.

Due to job insecurity coming from to non-lived economies that last up to five years, it often happens that the staff of companies be called into question, and therefore there is a need to retrain workers professionally, in order to redeployed or to elevate their professional knowledge. Continuing education is designed to retrain, “re-professionalize” people with trainings “dedicated.” The training courses specially dedicated, are prepared with specific learning modules, to avoid losing time to tell generic notions, but rather by addressing only the materials and the technical content of interest.

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Construction Management


In business administration, Management is the set of activities that consist in driving the company’s management, through the definition of business strategies, the definition of business objectives and the whole of the time management actions to those goals, such as the taking of decisions on the use of available resources and, in particular, human resources.

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Design and Implementation of Information Systems, Flows and Procedures
Software Selection and Customized Logistics Modules Development
Logistics Solutions for E-commerce
Brokerage in the management of Handling and Shipping
Implementation and revision of Distribution Networks
Study, Analysis of Sustainability and Logistics Integration Planning
Revisiting and Optimization of Warehouse Layout
Management and Coordination of Outsourcing Activities
Creation and Administration of International Tenders and Related Costs
Entrepreneurial Coaching and Temporary Management
Funded Training both in classroom and On the Job
High value E-Recruitment and Head Hunting for skilled profiles
Support to Accounting Management
Management of customer – supplier relationship and special project buyer
Internationalization of products and services

Why you should choose MULTI LEVEL Consulting?

Almost 20 years of experience in the field

The Logistics field, addressed in several industries, services, in all its many facets, has taught us many things. This is a great added value, we want to share with you…

We do our job with enthusiasm and passion

We really like what we do, give us the opportunity to explain what we are talking about. We would like to convey to you our positiveness, linked to appropriate skills…

We are a multidisciplinary and complementary team

A common denominator, unique in its transversality, called “Logistics”. Starting from there, we move in different spheres of activity tying productively the whole supply chain and giving the correct surplus…


These numbers represent our market (value for 2015)

How much does the logistics market worth in Italy? (MLD €)
How many people are employed in the field? (RISING)
What is the national GDP? (%)
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