The new start-up for the lunch break of workers… cooked and delivered!

was born in 2017 as an evolution of the Fanceat’s business model, the start-up of the star chefs in which we have believed and invested and whose investors include the food delivery colossus Just Eat.

Today, it is successfully operating in the cities of Torino and Milan… but it will soon arrive to new ones!

Why Morsy?
Morsy represents a real innovation, as well as an interesting alternative, compared to the classic and well-known canteen services, that usually offer expensive dishes or cheap and low quality ones.
Its peculiarity consists of the practicality and the flexibility of the cooking and delivery services. Order your favourite dish by 11:30 am, Morsy will cook it for you and deliver it by 1:30 am.

Order on the website, receive it at your workplace. Single dish or carnet. Tasty, healthy and well-balanced dishes, ready to be heated and enjoyed.


For further information and to test this unique food experience, visit Morsy’s website: