Why MLC?

MULTI LEVEL Consulting is a young and enterprising multilevel-logistic consultancy company founded in 2011 by Dario Favaretto to meet the ever more pressing requests of an unconventionally evolving market. It started as a sole proprietorship, but new internal collaborations and new partnerships today boast of an international character.

Our expertise allows us to help companies and their directors in the management and optimization of the various areas of logistics and of an enterprise in general, and so is that over time we have gone to a level of “Supply Chain 4.0”, if we are going to intervene in complementary activities affected by the transversal nature of matter itself, with an innovative and customized approach.

An effective group of professionals with different backgrounds, but at the same time integrated, collaborates constantly with our company, aiming to the highest customer satisfaction.


By means of collaboration, trustfulness and transparency we aim to give to our customers a service that reflects our values of reliability and professionalism, by creating customized solutions and increasing company productivity.

To whom is addressing MLC?

  • Manufacturing and Sales Companies from many sectors for the revisitation of their supply chain context;
  • Shipping Agencies, Transport Companies and Logistic Operators for the development of entire business areas or temporary management;
  • Manager and Companies’ Owners for their supervised training, mentorship and know how integration;
  • Vocational Recruitment Companies, national and international, for the training, workshops and events organization;
  • Consulting Businesses and Start Up which need a logistic imprinting or a technical support for supply chain issues;
  • Software houses that need a Process Owner or a consultancy in the development of specific modules for markets or particular clients, starting from their ERP’s, TMS’s or WMS’s basis.

Which is the best solution for your business?

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