The Startup Mentor is the “guardian angel” of startups, an expert who makes his experience available in various fields to drive the startuppers since the  initial phases of the project and then to follow in the transition from the idea to the construction of the company.

We offer our experience in the supply chain and management of working groups, as well as, in some cases, also economic resources as business angel or through work for equity, giving a factual help in launching startups on the market.
We invest and collaborate in new activities primarily out of passion, therefore we carefully analyze the proposed projects so that they are aligned with our policy and personal ethics.


Together with the startuppers we define objectives, strategies, sales, marketing, logistics, and financial forecasts of the project. We prepare the business plan or the mini business plan, by establishing the “numbers” that will control the project and will be included in the presentation pitch.


The amalgamation and the coordination of the working group become fundamental in the birth of a new company. Integrated and complementary competences aren’t sufficient if they are not coordinated and made tangential to each other, as well as accelerated by a contamination of enabling soft skills. We help you open the existing silos and transform your idea into a smart factory with well defined roles and functions, by means of an in-depth knowledge of the individual potential put into the common project.


We shape the business model together according to creation, distribution, and collection of value criteria, giving life to the set of organizational and strategic solutions through which the company will acquire value on the market. We do it with a strong innovative and tailor made approach, using flows of facilitation of the result through patented methodologies with an assured beneficial impact.

Qual è la soluzione migliore per il tuo business?

Più di 20 anni
di esperienza

Il campo della Logistica, affrontato in diversi settori merceologici, di servizi ed in tutte le sue svariate sfaccettature, ci ha insegnato molte cose. Ciò è un grande valore aggiunto, vogliamo condividerlo con Voi…

Svolgiamo il nostro
lavoro con passione
ed entusiasmo

Ci piace molto ciò che facciamo, dateci la possibilità di spiegarvelo di persona. Vorremmo contagiarVi con la nostra positività, legata alle opportune competenze…

Siamo una squadra multidisciplinare
e complementare

Un solo denominatore comune, unico in tutta la sua trasversalità, chiamato “Logistica”. Da lì, ci muoviamo in diversi ambiti d’azione legando fruttuosamente tutta la Supply Chain e dandone il corretto plusvalore…

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