Soccer Experience™ is a methodology conceived and developed by Dario Favaretto, its Founder and Trainer, who aims at dealing with business dynamics as a parallelism to soccer and to sports in general, as well as viceversa. It is born from his experience in the non-professional soccer, both as player and coach, always guided by a great deal of attention to its communicative and neuroscientific aspects, with a common factor as team working.

Goal orientation, locker room management, roles, both national and international competitions, they are all elements that we can find in both the realities, whose multitude of similarities leads to an almost perfect match.

The football player and coach Nereo Rocco stated:

Who is afraid can stay in the locker room.

As a football player on the eve of an important match, who deals with a difficult business dynamic, cannot and must not retreat, under penalty of the exclusion from the market. There you have the Owner that plays the role of a President, the coach that takes the same leadership responsibilities of a manager, the players’ roles that become those of the buyer, the logistic manager, the supply chain one, etc.

Soccer Experience™ is an integral part of our consulting and management activities because, as in the soccer world, we believe that there are no won or lost matches from the start, whereas an objective and a team that is motivated to achieve it.

What are you waiting for to take the field?


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