Posted by Dario Favaretto

Intermodal transport unit designed for maritime transport, on cell ships, with intermodal land, rail and road extensions, suitable for vertical movement. Unified by ISO, which has set the dimensions and weights, the construction and testing standards, the overlap. The unified dimensions include: length of 20 meters, 30 meters and 40 meters, height of 8 meters, width of 8 meters. High-cube containers are larger containers, out of ISO standard: length 45 meters or 48 meters, height 8 meters 6 meters, 9 meters and 9.6 meters ?? ; The admissibility for road and rail transport of these containers is subject to restrictions for length and height. There are different types of containers depending on the goods to be transported (Box container, Air container, Tank container, Bulk container, Open Sided container, Open top container, Refeer container, Flat container, Ventilated container etc.).

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